Google+ Now vs. 1 Year Ago…

Recently, I saw a post from +The Verge asking readers if they use Google+ more now than they did six months ago. It sparked an ideal and I decided to view my usage on Google+, for as far back “publicly” that I could find, to see my habits on this platform. I used a service called ALLMYPLUS to acquire the graph above, and I chose to go as far back as possible for public posts. ALLMYPLUS has some great information about your habits on Google+, and it graphs them in a way to easily let you find old posts and photos.
Looking at this information I had to look back into the changes that +Google+ has made. Some things in the past 12 Months Google+ has:

Why has Google+ been so successful? If not for these things, I believe it’s people like +Vic Gundotra and other Google Employees listening to their users. Community Managers like +Natalie Villalobos using the service and being in the trenches with their users really shows that connection. I definitely have increased my usage on Google+ and I continue to do so. One trend that I continue hearing from Vic is, “It’s Only The Beginning.” So I cannot wait to see what’s in store.

Michael Banks 

A Soldier, Photographer, and Developer

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