What’s Going On with Google Plus?

 I started go get these nonchalant errors in Google Plus for a good while now. Things seem to go smooth

in my stream, then I go to my stream, profile, hover over someone’s name, or add someone to circles and 

there is that pesky RED notification. They are starting to Scare me now… It started with a simple “Error 

Loading Circles”, then I ran into a “Failed Lookup” and Here’s the latest 

one I’ve seen. I got this one from trying to add someone for the first time to a circle. “Error Changing 

Circle Memberships”

These have been getting worse and worse with the errors that it is 

reporting, It seems harmless on the front end, but I hope it’s no jacking 

things up on the back end. I have noticed some issues with Google talk, 

which is managed with contacts, which is managed through circles.

Anyone have any errors other than these?

Does anyone know what’s going on?

Michael Banks 

A Soldier, Photographer, and Developer

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