Why a Faceless Brand is more effective than as a Personal Brand

Posting information on a National scale for a mission or for profit is more effective as a faceless brand than a personal brand.. A brand has a better way of pushing out information to mass people without readers tying the writer as a bias. It’s harder to blame something if you don’t have “someone” to blame. If you try to push out information to a mass audience as just a person, people are more skeptical to judging the things you write by all of your actions and interactions that you might have elsewhere. For mass distribution of a main goal or purpose would require a blog on a medium that is sole controlled and doesn’t live in someone else’s hub.  Register that brand on the big three social media platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and then you will slowly gain people to get it out. Takes time… but works.

The Equation I like to use is: Quality > Quantity, but you still need quantity just for Validity

The social media aspect should always drive people right back to the blog. The only thing that social media “SHOULD” be used for in a brand point of view is to push out site updates, engage in user conversation, push out a pic or two and chat with users. All content should be created on the blog/site. This is where people make a great mistake because people burn out on social media creating content in all of these different mediums and it is very tiring.

Michael Banks 

A Soldier, Photographer, and Developer

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