Combined Clouds with Busy Flow… Almost what I want!

Busy flow is basically a system in beta that allows you to collaborate on projects with others while integrating many different cloud services. It allows you to connect with services like +Dropbox annd +Google Drive .. . It is a neat service and works fine… What I want as a great service would be a locker or place that I can take all the great features and utilities from all these great services like +Box and +GitHub Anywhere and access it in one location taking my 50GB from box and my space from Drive and access it and edit etc… and  utilize it in 1 spot…

What busy flow has done is close.. It is more project oriented, which don’t get me wrong isn’t bad, but not what I need at the moment. What they are doing now isn’t anything that you can’t do anywhere else… seems to be basically a share script and a link to the sharing space on each platform, but it is convenient and a time saver… one step closer to what I need a virtual “corner office…” in this Google campus of an internet… lol

They seem to know how to set things up right for example they allow you to oauth into the service because no one likes the username and password input fields anymore.. and they are mobile in the App Store and Google Play.

I expect great things from +BusyFlow

Michael Banks 

A Soldier, Photographer, and Developer

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