Why I put my Nexus 7 Down! and Why I’m picking it back Up!

Ever since I got my high-end laptop I haven’t really even touched my nexus 7. I have been neglecting it. I’m not sure if it is due to the uncompelling apps that have limited capabilities or if I just get more done quicker with a laptop. Regardless of the circumstances, I really need to utilize the technology that I have spent my hard earned money on. What I plan to do is reintegrate the #Nexus7 into my workflow. The things that I use it for and that it is great for is consumption. Whenever I do pick it up one of the first apps I use is flipboard. Other than that, all I use it four is light gaming, which I hardly ever have time to do, and use the browser.  Finding other use cases and finding what the #Nexus7 can be used for will be a good step forward to make the #Nexus7 useful again. I plan on keeping it with me from now on though.

In this photo is my Nexus 7, a Poetic Case, and Bamboo Stylus

What do you do to keep using your tablets?
Right now I plan to integrate it as a GPS/Music Center for my Jeep! I use my phone, but I feel that this could allow me to prolong my battery life on my phone throughout the day. I use CoPilot for GPS which requires no DATA connection and my music is saved to the device.

Here are some apps that are great for the Nexus7 that I use:

+Flipboard : 

+SwiftKey :

+Google+ (of course) :

+Snapseed :

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