Buying Accessories is Mandatory! (Top 5 Reasons Why)

I recently bought “The latest generation iPad! So the first thing I did after buying it is hopped on #AmazonPrime to check out what was available for it. In Fact, that’s the first thing I do for buying any accessories for any of my gadgets. You can easily go to your local bestbuy or walmart and find all kinds of things.

When you spend a good bit of money on things like cameras, phones, and tablets you should always have accesories. Here are a few reasons that buying accessories are a must:

1. Accessories makes your device’s value increase. When or if you resell it to someone else. Things like a stylus you can couple with a tablet or phone to sell as a bundle if you don’t intend on using for another device. More relevantly are things like device specific docks are excellent accessory items that you can bundle to increase your selling price.

2. Accessories looks better. While some accessories are for increased functionality others are for style and decoration. Cases that are leather and simple have a professional look to them, but many people have been known to bedazzle cases. You can get a look that is right for you based on your interests. The sky’s the limit with loos.

3. Accessories protect your device. Accessories like the Otterbox and other hard shell cases has saved a lot of my devices from getting shattered on the pavement to being whole. I bought the Armored Survivor case that is military grade that serves the look I need and is very protected. A case like this is protects from wind and rain. It claims can withstand a drop from 6ft. on a concrete floor.

4. Accessories vary in amount and price.. There’s an accessory for everyone’s budget. I personally buy my accessories online more than in a physical store. Online there are very inexpensive accessories and very expensive accessories that do basically the same thing and sometimes even more. I bought the Bamboo Executive Stylus, which serves as a pen and stylus. An off brand stylus does the same thing, but would cost less. There are other factors like build quality and look, but again it is all your choice.

5. Accessories expand the capabilities of the device. Accessories like bluetooth keyboards, speakers and displays allow you to utilize your device in more ways than most people use. The Apple Bluetooth keyboard is something I use all the time that helps me type long emails or post when on mobile devices.

If you can think of a decent negative reason to getting accessories I’d love to hear it.

Here is a list of some of the accessories that I bought for the iPad that are mentioned here:
Bamboo Stylus+Pen:
CTech Leather Case:
Griffin Survivor Case:
Apple Bluetooth Keyboard:

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