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Google & Chicago

Google Top Contributor


untitled-September 23, 2014-43I have been a Google Top Contributor for a little over a year now for the product Google+. It has been a great experience so far and I am looking forward to the future of the program as well. The Google Top Contributor Program is a collection of faithful people that are the most active and knowledgeable people you’ll find in Google’s Help Forums.IMG_20140924_115506-MOTION Globally, they help millions of people get their questions answered and keep the forums humming with interesting discussions.

Google Chicago Meetup

Google recently invited me to their headquarters in Chicago and I had a blast there. I learned a great deal that will aid in me helping others with other Google products as well as help myself with how I write things to make it easier to organize written content. I currently help in the Google+ Help Community and I got to catch up with some of my fellow Google+ TC’s Like Kim Beasley and Zachary Fair. untitled-September 23, 2014-72The thing that definitely makes it magical and worth the trip are the awesome individuals that you spend it with.


I have lived in North Chicago for a few years a while ago and enjoyed my time in the snow, but I never appreciated and even noticed how beautiful downtown Chicago really is. I do see now why Chicago is the Architectural City of the World. There are skyscrapers from many different eras and countries which was just amazing. If you ever go to Chicago make sure you do the Chicago River Boat Tour. I had a field day taking photos.


Masters 2014 Experience

Masters 2014-1
The Master’s 2014!

First off, congratulations goes to Bubba Watson on his victorious win during this Masters. In other news though 2014  marked my 3rd year of working the Masters and I had a blast as usual. The organization and the people who put this on and even the people who come to just watch really make this tournament the best on the planet. The hospitality there is simply unmatched and the food is great as well.

I promised some pictures and here they are along with a short caption about how that picture represented The Masters:

Masters 2014-9

Guiding Posts

All along the course are these signs which point to the “Big” important places that anyone would need to know and all the places that you want to see. They are an awesome guide.

Masters 2014-3

Great Maintenance 

The course always blows me away with how beautiful it is. The maintenance and upkeep that Augusta National Golf Course does is very in-depth and a heightened attention to detail. To support that claim will bring me to introduce the next photo.

Masters 2014-5

The “Bee Line”

I call it the “Bee Line” they are a series of large tractors that mow the course daily after use at the Masters. I call it the “Bee Line” because they sound like bees and surprisingly low in sound even though they are huge. Another reason I call them the “Bee Line” is because they travel in a single file line until they get on the green or on an area they need to cut. Once they hit an area that needs to be cut they turn into this angular wave and cut the grass. It is a very impressive sight to see even though they are just cutting the grass.

Masters 2014-6


One of the places that has the highest satisfactions for YEARS on end at The Master’s is Concessions. People are time after time surprised at the quality of food and affordable the prices are. There are not usually any ridiculous wait times and everyone is polite and hospitable. This is a place that you will visit many times. My favorite item is the Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich. Other classic favorites year after year are the Pimento Cheese and the Egg Salad.

Masters 2014-10


After you grab all the great items from concessions there are stands spread throughout the course to be able to sit and watch at certain spots along the course to enjoy all the players as they come through. You always though have an option to purchase lawn chairs and sit throughout the course, which is what a good number of people do.

One place that is a favorite is Amen’s Corner:

Masters 2014-11

Amen’s Corner is a popular place to be. It is the most southern corner of the course with a small body of water that segregate it from the rest of the course.

Masters 2014-4

Gary Player

One of the things I got to see that was different this year was Phil Mickelson, Gary Player, and Arnold Palmer in Amen’s Corner reminiscing about past Master’s and Memories of the course. This took place during the last practice round before the Tournament actually started. Here’s one of the shots of Gary player I managed to quickly get as he sped away on his Golf Cart…

I always enjoy going to the Masters and playing an integral part in the  entire Master’s  experience and I look forward to being apart of that experience Next Year, as long as they will have me.

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